Thursday, January 12, 2012

Samurai Princess

Ah...Samurai Princess.

No need to dwell on this TOO much.

Basically, we can laundry list this 2009 oddness by saying that it deals with the creation of cybrg-like humans, is packed with blood spraying, tongue wiggling, overacting, crimes against women, body parts laying around in piles, AWESOME dubbing (horrid), and has a foot tossed at a nun who starts preaching...which was rather funny.

And, WHEN the hell is this supposed to be happening time wise?? They are like strange, harajuku people in some strange, alternate universe. The clothing is bizarre. But...I kinda liked it.

For a movie staring a porn starlet Yû Aiba , there is little nekkidness. Though, there is a silly love making scene in the middle.


You can watch the whole thing here...until they yank it down! :)

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