Tuesday, January 10, 2012


DAEMONIUM is a web series short format film - a science fiction/horror blend out of Argentina from Director Pablo Pares and Producer Simon Ratziel.

The film is in five parts and tells the story of a dystopian, alternate universe packed with demons of both the monster and human variety.

Episode One has some fun elements in it for sure. Cool costumes, cute Argentine ladies and a grand assortment of demons looking to cause trouble. A girl dressed in a schoolgirl outfit (ok, a bit played out, but...you know...you still like it...) wanders into a bio-hazard warehouse area. She slinks through the environment and sucks on a sucker. Enter demons. Enter action.

I know. I know. But hey, it's still good stuff once the butt kicking starts. :)

There's a nice mix of CG effects and practical effects as well. They are blended into a cool, comic style that will appeal to fans of films like SUCKER PUNCH or SKY CAPTAIN.

I'm all in - bring on the next four episodes! 

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