Friday, January 21, 2011

Tom Savini Q&A

MAIL ORDER ZOMBIE has a grand Q&A posted in their latest episode. If you're a zombie fan, bookmark them at once!

Weekend of Horrors 2010 Tom Savini Q&A!

I just listened this this and it had some really nice bits. Some of it was familiar like how Savini met Romero and why he does what he does, but some of it was new and very interesting.

Savini says that he might -as of the time of the Q&A - play the Governor in THE WALKING DEAD. GREAT casting if it's true. (Though Danny Trejo might be as well.)

And in other fun news, it looks like Savini and Romero are going to do a remake of CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS which might be fun as well. This film always gave me the creeps even though it's "no budget" fair from the 70's. There was something about the darkness of it and the sheer panic the characters go through. It might make a good little remake and I'm not sure Bob Clark would mind at this point. Bob Clark side note HERE

I'm all in, Tom! Let's do this!

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