Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dementia 13

This is a lovely little creep-fest! Francis Ford Coppola's fifth film, DEMENTIA 13 has to be one of my favorite's. It's a gothic tale of greed, murder and madness set on the grounds of an old sprawling castle home. After the death of one of the Haloran siblings, the family gathers to mourn. That's when the fun really begins.

You can see Coppola style really coming to form in this film. His shots and set-ups are working their way to brilliance in the black and white horror classic. Is it THE GODFATHER? Oh....hahahaha....nooooo...no, it's not. But, it's a fantastic, bump-in-the-night thriller that sends a little shiver up my spine every time I see it. (Damn doll.....)

Jack Hill of SPIDER BABY fame was second unit writer on the film. Luana Anders and William Campbell turn in some grand performances and some of the visuals will definitely haunt you for a while afterward. Especially if you like swimming in the local pond...at night.

This film is perfect for a cold, winter night. Put it on, turn out the lights and snuggle up with the person...or blanket...you love. Keep them close to where you can see them!


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