Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Endless looks amazing

There are times when I see a trailer and just shrug it off as something that's not for me. Happens a lot. I don't bash the film. Why do that? People spent time on it. I just know I'm not the target and move on.

However, THE ENDLESS is the polar opposite of that. When I saw the trailer, I was so excited that I started posting it all over the place, doing a little happy chair dance and talking about how good it looked.

And, seeing as it's coming from the same folks that made SPRING and RESOLUTION, I have very good feelings about how much I'm going to love it unless something really went off the rails somewhere. Those other films were fantastic.

I NEED A SCREENER, STAT! hehehehe    Well...I guess that would only be a value add for them if I had more followers. :::grin::   BUT STILL - send me a sceener!    ((Is that how you do it? Beg?))

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