Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Case of the Bloody Iris

"Wait till I try to make it with you and you find out what a bastard I am." 

While this is not high on my gialli list, it's still a fun watch...mostly because I'm in love with Edwige Fenech! hehehehe

The film is a bit sloppy and slow, but there are scenes that resonate for sure. Classic giallo tropes abound in this clunky, awkward mystery.

Basically, two models move into an apartment where a woman was murdered. The murderer - a classic black hat, black coat, mask and tan rubber glove wearing maniac - is still prowling around the apartment and our models are stalked and frightened...for a long time. Like....a long time. :)

We have a ton of people roaming around the screen as well.

Edwige Fenech....the damsel. :::purr::::   Who always seems to be getting her clothes off...or ripped off.

Wacky roommate whose kinda like Goldie Hawn who just LOVES joking around - even about the former tenant who died in their apartment.  #TooSoon

Weak at the sight of blood architect who's taken an interest in the girls. 

The grumpy, pissed off Commissioner who's just pissed off about everything.

The gay Woody Allen photographer who has taken photos of the two models...and the girl who was killed in the apartment. 

Shitty old lady neighbor. 

Over the top jealous ex-husband. An obvious nutter.

 Lecherous lesbian neighbor and her grumpy Father.  

And the murderer with a cool black hat and mask. 

The story stumbles around and people show up dead and you just start ticking off boxes until you find out who the murderer is, but it's still a fun ride all the same. The soundtrack and the way the film is shot does keep things moving along while watching. It's kinda like watching a carousel go around and around with people being interviewed, questioned, walking, watching OTHER people, visiting, chasing, eating.... and a really awkward lovemaking scene which goes on WAY too long that has one of the best one liners attached to it.


 "It's Forenzi, Boss. Those two are really going at it. Don't be surprised if instead of a corpse we have a birth on our hands." 

Give it a viddy, but know that it's all over the place in a wondrous way.   It has a charm and heart to it that makes it a fun watch.

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