Monday, October 3, 2016


Made time to watch TORSO's SO GIALLO it hurts! heheheh  It's a great giallo primer, really. It has all the elements one needs to be aware of to dive into the world of Italian giallo horror mysteries. Violence, a crazy killer dispatching people left and right, an equally insane plot, MORE violence, gloved killer, and a ton of female nudity. If you watch this and hate it, no need to dive further into the genre. :)

The plot is super light. Basically, folks are getting killed in this small village. But, who is doing it...and why?

Yup...that's pretty much it. hehehehe   Braless women walk around and proclaim their friendship. EVERY MAN is a leering potential rapist. As a matter of fact, everyone in the film looks like they could have murdered someone.  The murder weapons is sold by a shady looking, sweaty perv. It's a rain wreck, really, but SUCH an enjoyable wreck and so much fun to watch.

Hint: There's NO way you're going o figure out who the killer is because you don't have the information. And, i really doesn't make a whole lot of sense when it's explained - by the killer, either. hehehe  Fun stuff.

Like most giallo films, this thing is held together by thread and tape. People are introduced, then killed off. You watch and think that you're seeing something develop, but then you realize that you're just looking at naked women and angry men and you give up. But, that's the beauty of giallo. The dialogue alone is well worth a viddy.

And violence abounds. There are the usual, brutal scenes of death and violence as well. I'm not 100% sure why the killer was doing what they were doing, but it's obvious that they are really upset about something. :::grin:::

All that said, TORSO does have a fair amount of tension and a hell of a third act that makes it well worth watching.

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