Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Strip Nude For Your Killer

Another quick and dirty movie review for you from the SHUDDER collection.

Looking for a few deliciously curvy women stripping for misogynistic, womanizing assholes but don't want a lot of plot getting in the way? Well, STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER is TOTALLY what you're looking for!

This classic from 1975 is a hot mess of giallo goodness. First, we see a woman undergoing some sort of gyno exam. She dies and these two gents drop her back at her apartment and into her tub with the water running. Then...we're done with that stuff - moving on. :::grin::::

And onward. Someone is murdering folks around a fashion agency - I think that's what it is - where women are brought in and paraded in front of people like meat on racks.

"Wouldn't she make a GREAT model?" 

"Let's see, Baby? Oh yeah....look at her...."

Edwige Fenech and Femi Benussi are amazing. True beauties. Nino Castelnuovo play a fantastic bastard. hehe  The Director, Andrea Bianchi, also directed BURIAL GROUND - another VHS classic.

The killer has more than gloves in this one - they sport a full motorcycle outfit and helmet as they dispatch people. A full, colorful cast of characters lines up to be slaughtered, the blood is HYPER-red, and there is even an appearance by J&B whiskey which is also present in many other giallo favorites. I'd like to do a drinking game where you need to drink a whiskey every time you see the J&B bottle! hehehe

Did I mention the women in this film yet? :::grin:::  Remember, the title is STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER. There are lots of delightful, full figured women...in great, 70s outfits that always seem to be open to high or too low... :::stares off into the distance...remembering...:::  

AHEM! uh...anyway....  

Um....OH! There's another great giallo trope that appears in here. The one where they use two camera set ups to get two different sides of a conversation or interaction and the distances and continuity is off from one shot to another. That's a fun one. So endearing, really. The 70s Italian apartment styles and outfits are grand as always and it's stylized as all get out, but there's not a lot of substance in the film overall. However, what it lacks in substance it makes up for in its...giallo-ness. hheheh

It is hard to watch women paraded around in the nude all the time. Sure, they are lovely, but the more violent scenes with nudity are always hard to view. There's one scene involving a semi-nude man being attacked that's hard to watch for different reasons. :::shiver:::  This has always been a tough thing for me - I love giallo films for the mystery and beautiful women, but the violence towards women is a tough one for me.

They are nice enough to provide several THE STORY SO FAR moments for the viewer where the events to that particular segment of the movie are rolled out to make sure they are all caught up and following the action. A classic police station scene, TV news program, and two of our main characters all manage to give an update at one point or another in the film. Another cute trope that's played out in clunky glory in this film. The films last STORY SO FAR moment at the end - voice over while a woman undresses - is topped only by the last scene of the film which had me laughing and groaning out "Holy Crap!" as I watched it play out. No, it's nothing gross or gore filled. It's a really amazing sexual joke that is just...wow.

Microscopic and disjointed plot, misogyny, and demeaning roles for women aside (all also known as Italian cinema of the 70s...heheheh) this sloooooow, C LIST giallo nugget is still well worth a watch. It's fun and packed with so many tropes that it's a must watch for fans of the genre.

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