Thursday, June 30, 2016

Messiah of Evil

Wow. Messiah of Evil (1973) is one of those special films. It's really strange, really slow, but it somehow manages to hold your attention.

A woman ventures out to where her Father was living to try and locate him after he's gone missing. He's an artist and his home is full of his disturbing, modern art. The beautiful Marianna Hill plays her role as daughter Arletty to perfection as she drifts around trying to find her Father , but the town of Point Dune is a place that's far better to drive through than to stay in.

We have voice over from not only the woman searching for her Father, but the Father as well. There is SO MUCH talking in this film it's amusing. But, it's saving grace is the numerous creepy arse scenes within it. If you can hold out they are worth the wait.

Or, you can skim through and find them - that works as well. :::grin::

I actually watched the whole film and enjoyed the pace. Especially since I have a cold going. I needed a slow burn to keep me company for a while. If you like a slow burn 70s creeper, you really may enjoy Messiah.

If you have the time - and maybe some coffee to keep you awake - I recommend a SOMETHING IS WRONG IN TOWN TRIPLE BILL with Messiah of Evil, Carnival of Souls and the most awesome DEAD AND personal fave.


 Well well, the TERROR TRANSMISSIONS podcast on this film was eye opening. The film ran into several snags along the way, starting with a budget set at a mere $100,000 which was then skimmed down to $85,000 due to some "interesting business practices". The original script wasn't shot in it's entirety. More financial issues saw that some of the footage was taken away. Just a perfect storm of production nightmares.

It all made more sense after hearing about these backstory dramas playing out. It makes me sad, really. The described additions would have really changed the film.

That being said, here it is 24 hours later and I'm still thinking about scenes and characters. I do believe that if you are a fan of 70s horror, Italian style horror, or films like the aforementioned Carnival of Souls or Dead and Buried, you really need to see this film.

Watch in full below! :)

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