Monday, August 31, 2015


Dear lord.

I watched EXCISION recently and, when it ended, I just stared at the screen with my jaw slack muttering, "Damn...that was dark...."  It's a very interesting and disturbing film.

AnnaLynne McCordplays Pauline - a REALLY disturbed teen with a blood fetish, really. Blood and internal body exploration. She has hyper-stylized sexual fantasies involving cutting people open and playing with their insides. She seems fine, right? :)

 Her sister as lung disease and her mother - amazing Tracy Lords performance - spends her time cooing over the sickly sister, bitching out the husband and getting all over Pauline's case on the daily .

The film has this strange mix of horror and comedy that works really well. AnnaLynne McCord transforms from her real life persona (she's usually a hot bombshell type) into this mess that is Pauline with her slouchy, slightly cave woman-like performance. It's really wild. Someone equated the film to a bloodier MAY and I agree completely. That would make a fantastic double feature if you could stay happy and together through the pairing.

The film is riddled with dark spots where you just KNOW this girl is really sick and needs help she is clearly not getting from home nor the Priest her mother is sending her to for guidance. (Played by John Waters!) You're laughing and wincing through the film, but always thinking things are relatively light, but knowing that there is a dark, dark ending planned for these folks. It's looming and you can tell. When you reach the end, it's as if you've been riding this fun roller coaster and you've just shot up the last hill and 70 mph...only to see that the tracks are no longer there and you're sailing through the air.

Whoa....what a messed up little film this was. It stuck with me for days afterwards. I kept saying, "Man...that film really messed me up."

Check it out of you like this sort of nightmare. :)

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