Friday, August 7, 2015

DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004 opening

I love the opening (and whole film, really....)  of Zack Snyder's DAWN OF THE DEAD from 2004. It's so perfect in every way, shape and form.

We see the hospital and seemingly mundane bites and wounds. We see a busy night, but we're thinking that it's a normal weekend . We see the normal day to day and life in a small suburban town neighborhood. Then, we're thrust into the OH MY GAWD of things. Overnight, things have gotten bad. REALLY bad.

I live on a dead end street with people who know each other and kids who roam the neighborhood. Seeing this opening really hit home. Things have imploded. The world is ending. Things are over, but the main character doesn't know it yet.

We also see just how fast this "virus" strikes. one to two minutes after a character is bitten, they are turned into the living dead. Things go from 0 to 60 so fast your head spins.

It's shot beautifully and the pace is a kinetic wildfire.

Seeing this in the theater had me laughing out loud - happy that I was going to be seeing the film I wanted to see.

From the madness of the opening, we roll into the credits, which in and of themselves are amazing.

Oh, I love the original - don't get me wrong. It's awesome and has been watched over and over. But, as far as remakes go, this film is a frucking masterwork. 

Great work Zack Snyder, George A. Romero and  James Gunn. Great work.

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