Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Women in Horror Month

Well, we suck. We admit it.

February was WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH. Not "hot chicks in bikinis and hot pants getting killed in films" month, but women directing and writing - steering the bus, not sitting in the back of it. (Not to take away from the skills involved in wearing a bikini and running away from a killer, but...)

So, since we dropped the ball in February, we're going to extend WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH into March! We have some great places for you to dig in and explore.

Now, it was pointed out in a FANTASTIC podcast interview with Heidi Honeycutt on the RUE MORGUE PODCAST that many people can't even name a female director in the horror genre. I know I can't, but I can name several male directors. Why is that? It was also pointed out that people still line up for old, Italian (Dario Argento) director's autographs (...even though his last films have been HORRID!), yet they may not line up for female directors who have made great films in the past year. Why is that?

Check out the Heidi Honeycutt interview - it's grand and very informative.

Her main site is awesome, too: http://www.planetfury.com/

She's putting on the VISCERA FILM FESTIVAL again this year. PACKED with awesome showings from some great directors...who happen to be female.


And lastly (for now) here is a great starter list for you to check out some of the coolness coming from female directors right now. Check it!

HORROR SHOW: Women Horror Directors to Watch

Well, that's a great start. Now, I feel like it's a great thing to have a Women in Horror Month, but it would be even BETTER if it were just the norm to celebrate any director - male of female - all year round. Until we get to that point, let's all make sure that there is no glass ceiling for women -  directing  horror or whatever they are doing for a living. Period.

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