Friday, March 16, 2012

Tucker & Dale vs Evil


I have not laughed this hard in the theater....ever? Is that it? I think so! SO FUNNY.

This film was made for horror nuts. It takes all the horror classic “teens in the woods” scenarios and flips them around brilliantly. I was laughing out loud in the theater along with the rest of the audience and I didn't want the film to end. And the best part was that you could see that Eli Craig totally “get's it”. He knows how to make a film and knows what's funny.

The comic timing of Alan “Firefly” Tudyk and Tyler “Mad Love” Labine is perfection. I've never laughed so hard at splatter. It had me cringing and laughing so hard my eyes were watering.

A must see.

For added fun: Invite over every horror movie fan you know and get pizza and beer!

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