Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Intruders

THE INTRUDERS is being held up as a better INSIDIOUS and those are high marks to hit. Insidious took the country be surprise and scooped up a lot of cash as this sort of sleeper hit - a mainstream ghost story with some creepy scenes, good writing and a few good shocks.

In The Intruders, we see some of the same plot lines come through. Kids being stalked by Boogie Man like entity. Scary bumps in the night. Parents trying to sort it out. On paper, it's the same damn movie. So, what will it offer it's audience as differentiators? There needs to be something more than just having TWO kids in TWO different places. And, what's this secret they need to sort out.

Yes, you guest it - I'll be watching this film.

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