Thursday, December 8, 2011

Forget Me Not

 Well well well...color me surprised.

Most of the time I try to ignore these more mainstream, teen horror movies. However, while the film is somewhat predictable and seems like it's freely borrowing from Asian cinema, FORGET ME NOT has a plot that I really liked, so I forgave much of it.

I don't want to say too much about the plot for fear of giving something away. Suffice it to say that it's a supernatural horror of the teen variety. A band of "teens" (they all look like they are in their late 20s, of course) are graduating. We have all varieties represented - again, standard fair. The jock, the slut, the bitch, the brain, etc. However, the group seems like it may have actually been a real group. While they vary, they seem like they might actually hang out in the same space. There are no "people of color" here, which, as a person of color myself, I found interesting. Usually a casting director will insist on tossing in an Asian or black character just to keep things "well blended".

We have a "Set 'em Up and Knock 'em Down" plot, but the plot is actually interesting enough to have held my interest for the 90 plus minute run time. And, as the plot drives along, I actually found myself being more and more interested in just how the story would play out - not just starring at the time waiting for it to resolve so I could be done with it and move on. 

The execution is...well...fine. It's obvious that Asian horror is being copied. Scary things happen by scary creatures that jerk around and open computer-augmented mouths too wide as they roar.'s kinda creepy...sure. If I go through the process of "Whoa...what would I do if I was there and saw that?", then it's even more effective.  Right when I started to get a bit bored with things, the plot ramped into play yet again and I was back into the film. 

Tyler Oliver wrote and directed the film. This can go either way as well. Sometimes this is a fantastic combo and sometimes the precious baby of the writer really needs a trimming and molding by a new person.  The writer/director combo works well here, however.

All in all, FORGET ME NOT was worth the time investment. If you're a fan of the FINAL DESTINATION franchise or like the shocks films like JU-ON or RINGU provide, give this film a whirl. And, if you like plot lines found in TALES FROM THE CRYPT,  THE NIGHT GALLERY or TWILIGHT ZONE, check this out as well. It's also perfect for the "work and watch" set - people who like to watch a movie as they work or clean. You have it on and look up when the screaming starts.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment and let me know!

Or...I'll come find you.  ;)

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