Monday, October 3, 2011


If you're like me, it's been a while since you've seen John Landis' video for Michael Jackson's THRILLER. Yes, John "BLUES BROTHERS•TWILIGHT ZONE•AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON•ANIMAL HOUSE" Landis.

Sadly, Mr. Landis was involved in a horrid accident during the shooting of his portion of THE TWILIGHT ZONE where Vic Morrow and two child extras were killed. He made some choices that lead to the accident and his career and name took a major hit. He's stayed active, but has not been on the course he would have been on.

And, Michael Jackson. Troubled mega-star. A life filled with drama and questions that had a sad and abrupt end.

But...before all that....there was THRILLER.

Man, I remember the premier of the video - on MTV way back when they played videos. That video was talked about all day. "Coming up in three hours! Two hours! ONE HOUR!" We were thrilled, that's for sure. The promise of fantastic effects work by Rick Baker had me drooling!

And when we saw the epic story unfold, we were taken on the wild ride we were promised.

Jackson as a werecat-man-thing. AWESOME!

Dancing around the cute girl when they leave the theater. AWESOME!

Then....BANG! ZOMBIES before zombies were in everything from horror movies to car commercials. And scary zombies that crawled out of graves. Fabulous!


This video holds up to this day.

Take a look - you're bound to enjoy it!

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