Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crazy Girls

Ah...crazy girls in cinema. So much fun.Slowly spinning further and further down the rabbit hole.

Check out some of these titles. Some of the best crazy girls I've seen.

When I started this list, I COMPLETELY forgot about the most nutty and evil crazy of 'em all - La Femme from INSIDE. ::::shiver:::::

Ideal for midnight viewing. Right when your brain is starting to go a little soft. So creepy. So spot on.

Darren Aronofsky harnesses the madness yet again in this creepy tale of darkness creeping in around the edges.

"Crazy. I'm crazy for feelin' lonely."
So very awesome. So very crazy. A personal fave.

Poor Carrie White.

And...some of these ladies are just crazy from the get Annie.

Miike knows crazy. He made Queen Crazy.

Esther isn't well at all, either.

What are some of YOUR faves? LET ME KNOW!


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