Friday, October 15, 2010


SHIVER (Eskalofrio) has fallen off the radar for a lot of folks since it's 2008 release and I'm not sure why. Due to the fact that it's a foreign film, most likely. Spain has a way with horror. It's somewhat raw and really rather fierce. I love it. (See: [rec] )

I found it to be a fun little "bump in the night" thrill that had a good set of actors and a fun story that showed a little thought. Try to roll into it with a clear mind, avoiding the trailer I've posted below unless you are one of those people that needs to see SOMETHING about the film before taking the plunge. :)

The film functions on many levels and had me hook, line and sinker after the first 20 minutes. It's thick with atmosphere and left me smiling and nodding my head at the end due to my full respect for the script.

Give this a go one dark night...lights out....

Unfortunately, this trailer really does not do the movie any justice.


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