Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Piranha 3D

"Wait, Doc! You're telling me you built a TIME MACHINE that brought piranha back from the past?"

Wait....wrong movie.

P I R A N H A 3 D : Instructions
1. Gather friends
2. Buy ticket
3. (if you are of age) Have a drink and some food
4. Hit the theater
5. Laugh, cheer, and enjoy the whacked out, 3D goodness of what's bound to be a good "Snakes on a Plane" / "Flight of the Dead" style silly horror fluff fest!!!

Those of you who shun this film should be ashamed. How could you fault lines like, "THE SHERIFF HAS DECLARED AN EMERGENCY! / Don't worry - we've got beer over here! Whoooo!" and "I wanna know what the hell this thing is doing in my lake!"

I even spotted Richard Dreyfus and Eli Roth in the trailer! I love it! Slip into your silly and ENJOY!

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