Thursday, June 21, 2018

It Comes At Night

While the film is very well made, well shot, well written, and features some great acting, it's "not what's on the tin".  Everything about the films marketing and media - from the trailer to the poster - is just not what the movie is. As others have said, this is a slow, SLOW burn, post apocalyptic human drama about the lengths people will go to protect their family and just how horrid those lengths may be. Grand, but far from a creepy, "what's in the darkness?" film.

Even with the heads up about the trailer being nothing like what the film turns out to be, I kept waiting for what the IT COMES AT NIGHT title meant. Yeah, nothing in that as well. It was a disappointing distraction.

The film should have been called IT COMES WITH RISKS or IT COMES WITH LOSS. Something that hits the nail more on the head.

All that aside, the film seemed like a 30 minute film crammed into and hour and thirty-three minute runtime. While it was good, it just wasn't worth the ride time.

The film does deliver some creepy visuals and tense situations. It has a cool look to it overall and, like I said earlier, the acting is fantastic.  So, if you go into it with the insight that it's really just a drama with some "don't catch the sickness" undertones, you might just walk away with an enjoyable experience. It's worth checking out for sure. Just don't expect monsters or high energy. If you want that, check out POD instead.

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