Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave

Ok, I'm warning you folks in advance here - there will be spoilers in this review. I have to. This movie is nuts.

I thought, "Wow...written by Fabio "The Red Queen Kills Seven Time" Pittorru and Massimo "Strip Nude For Your Killer" Felisatti?!  And Directed by Massimo as well?! This has to be gold! No wonder people talk about it all the time!"

In with the spoilers.

Yeah...I can see why they talk about it all the time. It's bonkers, that's why. Our lead Alan (Anthony Steffen) straight up kills women. He's messed up about his beloved Evelyn, so he kills women. Several women. His friend George tries to get him to settle down and get remarried. Alan eventually finds Gladys and gets married...after knowing her for 24 hours or so. And, like that, he's all better. For the most part. He doesn't kill Gladys. All is well.

Little does Alan know that there's a plot against him. Gladys and George and...evil redhead...are out to get Alan committed or killed.  Gladys dresses up like Evelyn, Alan goes bonkers, and all is well! HURRAY! The bad guy is out of the picture and people screwed him over...the MURDERER...and took his money!

BUT...that's not all. George is also and asshole. He poisons Gladys. Gladys and Evil Red go toe to toe as Gladys is dying and Gladys stabs Evil Red and kills her before dying herself. George tries to make his escape, but is stopped by Alan's shrink and...Alan himself! Alan and George fight, Alan wins, and the cops take George away. What a twist!

BUT FUCKING WAIT!  ALAN still KILLED several fucking people and he walks away without a scratch! heheheheh . I was screaming at the screen while watching the conclusion.

"So...dude killed all those women, but gets away with it and is a hero now?!"   I couldn't believe it! heheheheh

The film is a pacing nightmare. It's like watching two films - one about a crazy, Marquis de Sade like fiend, and another about an odd murder plot. It's super slow and tedious at times. The odd 70s world of Italian sleaze is hard to fathom.  Another club where women strip and men and woman watch like it's some sort of floor show. I've seen this in several films of the era.

The script is also a mess, jumping around like a drunk monkey.

The direction seems like an afterthought. Definitely not like Miaglia's work on THE RED QUEEN KILLS SEVEN TIMES, but maybe he was working up to that piece seeing that it was his last Director outing.

But, all of that aside, the film is a fun watch and the big ending is a ton of fun. If you can make it through all the the maids all being dressed alike with blonde afros...then I think you'll have as much fun with this one as I did!

Check it.

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