Friday, March 2, 2018

The Lords of Salem

I just did a THE LORDS OF SALEM rewatch and the film is really good. I enjoyed it whole heartedly and this was the third time I watched it. It holds up and proves to be a fantastic addition to the SATANIC CULT sub-genre.

I don't want to say a whole lot about the film itself. There are some basics that are rather clear from the start. Witches of Salem are looking to birth the anti-Christ, really. That was my take. And this poor DJ Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon Zombie) is the vessel for the birth. And then we have the classic " life is getting all strange" happenings that we've seen in films like THE SENTINEL and ROSEMARY's BABY. However, we're treated to it all being done in a rather grownup Rob Zombie style. There are no country hippy madmen in this film. No crazy people in clown makeup. It's just hipsters going to very bad places as the witch magic runs it's course.

The acting is restrained as well. Sheri Moon does a grand job in the lead role. We have Ken Foree, Dee Wallace, Bruce Davison, Jeff Phillips, and more just...working their roles wondrously.

Honestly, I don't understand the hate for Rob Zombie and his films. I wasn't really a huge fan of his recent effort 31, but other than that, I think things have been really fantastic. Even the spit upon HALLOWEEN remakes are great. It seems to me that people are just into saying they don't like his work so they can be cool.

"Rob Zombie? Oh...yeah...his stuff sucks. Yeah, I said it. I proclaim that it's AWFUL and BAD!"

Whatever. As you know, I run a HATE FREE ZONE for films for the most part. It's fine to say you don't like the films. I get that. But, it's just that. YOU don't like the film. It doesn't mean that they are not worth of someone else's love. :)

That being said, I think I love THE LORDS OF SALEM.

Check it.

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