Thursday, November 3, 2016

Do You Like Hitchcock?

I gave DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK? a re-watch and still enjoyed it. Sure, it's a little slow and character driven instead of action or violence driven, but I really dug it.

It's an odd little film about...well...Hitchcockian goings on, really. A man live across from a beautiful woman and finds himself snooping in on her life Rear Window style. When her mother ends up dead, he starts thinking that....just maybe...there's a Hitchcock plot happening right there in front of him. It's quirky. There are a bunch of strange "Argentoisms" in here that had me scratching my head. Some of the dialogue is just...wonky. Some of the pacing is slow. However, it has a sort of charm and likeability that is missing for me in films like The Card Player and Mother of Tears.

Now, this isn't standard Dario Argento stuff here. Sure, there's a killer and a mystery, but the killings are rather light - given up for more plot, character interaction and mystery. There are some grand tension bits in here and would have made old Hitch smile, I'm sure. Dario really made an effort to get some of the Hitchcock feel into the film and it shows.

Is it good? Yes. Yes, I believe it is. Especially if you're going for more character interaction and plot than gore. Dario gore fans will be sad and disappointed. The film is a nice little thriller with some great moments of tension. Don't b fooled by the giallo-riffic cover, either! This isn't all giallo slasher. It really is more like a Hitchcock film than a classic Argento film.

That's about it. Check it out!

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