Monday, September 26, 2016

Blood Splattered Bride

Another quicky review. 


Based on Carmilla (loosely, I'd say...) , BLOOD SPLATTERED BRIDE skims across the line of giallo and sexploitation. 

Newlyweds are off to  a rocky start as they begin their new lives in the husbands family home. When a mystery starts to unravel and a mystery woman enters the picture, things start to get very...violent. 

The film gets off the a very...woman abuse sort of start. LOTS of potential triggers here for folks. It's really rather awful. Poor Maribel Martín is constantly getting her clothes ripped off or forced into amorous interactions. She's so sweet and lovely that I almost turned the film off because things start off in such a mean way. 
There is a lot of exposition and talking as the newlyweds roam around exploring and humping their way along. :::grin:::

However, as things start to unfold and the story gets rolling, the actions are more part of a larger picture and less masturbatory, so it becomes more interesting. The giallo aspects alone really start to engage you. I actually was trying to sort out what was really going on. 

We have a lot of the classic Italian tropes going on here. 
Testosterone men, animal cruelty, mistreatment of women, nudity, strange children, mysterious women, and an odd mystery begging to be solved. 

 The film was engaging and interesting, but I can't say that I'd watch again any time soon.

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