Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Have You Done to Solange?


What Have You Done to Solange? (Italian: Cosa avete fatto a Solange?)

I finally caught this classic giallo a while back and enjoyed it. It's a strange one, but so are most gialli. 

If you're not aware of what giallo films are.....
"Giallo is a 20th-century Italian genre of literature and film, usually with mystery elements and often with slasher, supernatural horror or crime fiction elements. In Italy, the term simply denotes thrillers, typically of the crime fiction, mystery, and horror subgenres, regardless of the country of origin."

And this film has some classic elements for sure. Gloved killers. Women in distress. A LOT of violence. It's not for the weak of heart - that's for sure. Giallo films also tend to have a lot of violence against women and this is no different. Triggers for some for sure. But, sadly, that's a horror trope that's hard to avoid. 

We're dealing with a fun mystery here. There are murders happening and a teacher MAY be having sex with a student...and may be involved in the murders. At least, that's what the police suspect. As we twirl down this particular rabbit hole, we start learning that there may be something more going on at the school....and with the missing beauty... Solange. 

I loved the overall look of the film as well. It had a style to it that I found appealing. Very 1972, but somewhat slick as well. Massimo Dallamano directed the film - credited with such hits as A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS and FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE, and also helped write it along with Bruno Di Geronimo.

Seeing THE EDITOR recently had me thinking about these old classics. It was a perfect send-up of films like SOLANGE. I loved the twists and turns SOLANGE had. It was a fun watch. 

At the time of this posting, you could find the film here:

Give it a watch and find out what they've done with Solange! :)

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