Monday, October 26, 2015


I just wanted to do a little shout out to the website SHUDDER. When I first heard about it, I disregarded it. I already had NETFLIX (which I love) so I didn't think about heading somewhere else just to watch horror movies. However, they have a fun offering and a price that's easy on the wallet, so I gave it a go.

At first, the experience was frustration overload. Things didn't seem to be working 100%, when I pinged their support I didn't hear back, and I was just about to give up on the whole of it when their support team pulled it all back together for me.

This is a work in progress that they are trying to build up. Working in tech myself, I pictured a handful of dedicated folks trying day and night to keep things moving forward. Struggling, but enjoying the struggle. The tech folks resolved all my issues expertly and made sure I was happy with the experience as a whole, which I was.

Now I find myself going there 85% of the time to check out their horror offerings. I'm not 100% on the WHY behind it - maybe because all they do is horror. Maybe it's because they have some strange offerings that I've really been enjoying.

At any rate, give SHUDDER a go if you're a horror fan. 'Tis the Season, right?! There's still time to get your horror on! :)

They even have a fantastic mobile offering.

They have pretty pictures as well, but I love the organization!

And it goes beyond just dumping a bunch of horror into a streaming site. They have spent a lot of time crafting the site - making it function properly, taking the time to send survey's out to gather information in their BETA testing phase, and adding in little nuggets like reviews and being able to rate said reviews.

I hope these folks make it and continue to add to their offerings. While other streaming sites might only want to obtain a limited amount of horror in their catalog, having someone that deals with horror exclusively has a lot of potential for some really amazing things to be brought into the mix. First time directors would have a spot to feature short films, for example.

High hopes for SHUDDER! I really dig them! 

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