Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Come Back to Me (2014)

HA! A super quickie review.

I saw COME BACK TO ME a while back and thought it was going to be a toss away after it began. Kid sees his mother get punched around and more, she's killed and it's obviously "Norman Bates" time, right? Well, this film is so much more than that it turns out.

I thought it was smart, interesting and had me laughing out loud as the plot unfolded. (...because I was happy that there was so much more to this film than what I had originally thought - quote, "Oh! OH! HA! Ok...ok...good one....")

The film has some grand performances from Katie Walder and Nathan Keyes, and a solid script and some nice Direction from Paul Leyden on his first feature. Looking forward to seeing what else he does in the future!

Give COME BACK TO ME a go. I think you'll dig it.

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