Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ghost Walk by Brian Keene

We have a lot going on in our family with a 4 year old and a 2 year old, work, freelance and more family business. It's hard to pick up a book at the end of the night instead of crashing on the couch with the television telling me stupid stories. :) Well, I was FINALLY able to finish GHOST WALK by Brian Keene and man...I hope someone options it for a film! hehehehe    I'd love to see it done well by someone. There are so many cool elements to the story it just seems ripe for someone taking it on.

The general plot (spoiler free) is simple. There is an ancient evil that is making it's way into our world from the beyond a la Lovecraft and a small group of people need to stop it before it does. It just so happens that the field area where the locals are setting up the Halloween Ghost Walk is entry to our world.

Now, this may seem rather basic in premise, but Keene's execution is fun and highly entertaining.

The characters are believable and interesting. The pace is grand - flowing from one scene to the other and building into a frenzy at the end. And, it read well, if that makes sense. It never stumbled over itself trying to be something grand or overly deep, but in that simplicity it became something kinda grand in a way. Something that had me nodding my head and smiling about from time to time as I thought, "Right on - that's really cool."

Short, sweet and to the point - I really enjoyed this book! Well worth a read through. Pick it up!

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