Thursday, July 25, 2013

Donald Caron: Illustrator

Jovanka Vuckovic (@JovankaVuckovic on Twitter) posted an image of a new painting she had in her home - a grand Phantom of the Opera that had my jaw dropped to the floor.

The artist is Donald Caron and he's an instant, new favorite of mine. His work is fantastic and the subject matter is RIGHT down my alley!  

You can view his work here:

And, he has a Facebook presence as well with more work:

He has a great way with light and motion that really makes his work pop. He also has an eye for a great composition and adding layers of detail that help to lock in a lot of depth and atmosphere.

I think it's the light that really strikes me, however. One example is in the illustration "Premature Birth" (Frankenstein) below.

His characters are fun as well. His detail and lighting work can be seen in "SPASM 2009" (Ax). The light play in the folds of the clothing, hands and hair is grand and knowledge of human anatomy help to make the figure look "realistic", yet keeping a fun, illustrated style.

 Much of his work has a cool, kinetic feel to it that really makes the subject matter come alive.

Ok, ok....I'll stop gushing about this guy's work already! :)

Needless to say, I'm going to be doing some research to see if he has some "Father of four affordable" prints for sale! Check him out and support this amazing artist!

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