Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Conjuring

I'll admit it, I'm a COMPLETE sucker for these movies. Give me EVERY DAMN TROPE IN THE BOOK and I'll eat it up like a glutton! Feed me the bumps in the night. Feel me the jump scares. Pull people, shove people and send things flying across the room and I'm so very happy.

So, it's not shocking that this trailer makes me happy. :)

James "GOT YA!" Wan is serving up more of his ghostly goodness with THE CONJURING. The man excels at this genre, freaking people out with everything listed above and more. I love his work. Even the original SAW was rather smart and well played. Insidious? "Fo-get  a 'bout it!" So good! The films are slick and well shot and rich with color, atmosphere and scares.

The thing that has me a BIT worried is seeing Chad and Carey Hayes (Whiteout and House of Wax) listed as the writers. To be honest, I have not seen any of their work, but many of the people who have...didn't dig it. ( House of Wax - 41/100 and Whiteout a SAD 28/100 on Metacritic Ouch. ) I only hope that Mr. Wan can steer them into the seas of righteousness and help them on their way to greatness with Conjuring! :)

In this "Based on True Events" tale, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play ghost investigators who are "lucky" enough to find Lili Taylor and her haunted houseful. But, will they live to tell the tale?!

Like I said, it's not necessarily "new ground" being broken here, but who cares if Wan does it right. (No, not trying to be funny - just worked out that way...)  The man knows how to set the scene and set things up for real haunted house fun, so I'm all in on this one even if life might call for me seeing it on Netflix instead of the big screen at the moment.

Check it!

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