Thursday, September 13, 2012

Night Gallery: The Cemetery

If you have not seen the NIGHT GALLERY series and you're a horror fan, you need to make a viewing happen at once. Start with THE CEMETERY from the pilot episode. It's brilliant and diabolical with some grand storytelling.

The wondrous Rod Serling was behind this effort after the TWILIGHT ZONE and ran from 1969–1973. During that time, a equally wondrous assortment of players graced the show including Vincent Price, Burgess Meredith, Leslie Nielsen, Lindsay Wagner, Agnes Moorehead and many more. Other greats like Steven Spielberg and Richard Matheson were also involved with the production. The stories ranged from witty and comical dark humor to the most horrid and evil nightmares you could imagine. Serling himself acted as host and walked you through the gallery and to the night's painting selection which, in turn, would lead you into the story.

THE NIGHT GALLERY was a major part of my childhood. I loved it with a passion. So good. 

George Macready, Ossie Davis and Roddy McDowall

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