Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Walking Dead: Webisodes

It seems like THE HORROR SHOW has been doing a little WALKING DEAD bashing of late. Well, that's only because of the disappointment involved in watching the last few seasons of the show. We're sure the feeling of disappointment will pass...if they raise the level of writing....or....we stop watching. :)

With that said, the one WALKING DEAD associated item I was really rather happy about were the WALKING DEAD WEBISODES that were popped up into their webspace months ago. I caught wind of these a while back and watched during a lunch break one afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by them. The writing and production value was great and, honestly, I preferred them to the main show.  (More bashing? Really?)  They were more engaging and involved than the show - especially looking at the last season with the endless farmhouse drama and that HORRID, HORRID LORI WHO IS WORSE THAN ANY ZOMBIE!  :::ahem:::

Uh....oh yeah....

So, the webisodes take a look at  "one of the show's most famous walkers" (I'll stick to what the site states) and are directed by Greg Nicotero. Now, I love me some Greg Nicotero. His effects work is fantastic and he does a grand job directing these shorts. Now, don't get me wrong - we still have some drama and some slower moments here, but the overall flow is far better than the WALKING DEAD series. And, yes, I know that it may be easier dealing with tiny webisode pacing over a whole show. I get that. However, the writing is far more engaging and the world that's created is more fun and feels more...alive (:::giggle:::) than the series world in general.

These are well worth a view. Take a look!

Webisodes 1 The Walking Dead: A New Day

Webisodes 2 The Walking Dead: Family Matters

Webisodes 3 The Walking Dead: Domestic Violence

Webisodes 4 The Walking Dead: Neighborly Advice

Webisodes 5 The Walking Dead: Step-Mother

Webisodes 6 The Walking Dead: Everything Dies

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