Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Movie List 2011: Updated 09.28.2011

Do yourself a favor and make sure you have seen these films if you are a horror movie fan.

They're good. Really good.

Now that's a tough job! Wild and visually stunning film.

A Carpenter classic. Creepy!

Strange little zombie flick from the 80s. Wacky.

"The good news is your dates are here. The bad news is...they're dead."

Oh yeah! He's awesome. He's tall. He's vengeful. He's...

Catch this in a theater with a group - SO FUNNY!

Creepy fun with a great story.

Zombie madness is tight spaces (Spanish)

Hide and seek will never be the same (Spanish)

Gory, goofy fun.

Independent horror. Support it!

One of those, "Hmph...that was pretty good," movies.

"Do you read Sutter Cane?" Fabulous shivers

Sci Fi creature horror.

The zombie point of view explored. Slow pace, but worth a watch.

He's a bad...bad man...who just messed with the wrong guy.

Dark urban legend. So dark.

Good horror tale with some fun twists and turns.

"X-treme" body horror

Howard Hawks at his best. Fun, 50s writing. Ideal for those
who like their horror a little softer. :)

A retelling of the tale - top notch sci fi horror.

A remake of the Steve McQueen Classic.

Eat 'em up nastiness.

And THE horror film to watch this Halloween.
It's the ultimate horror genre classic!

Post what you thought about these in the comments - likes or dislikes welcome!


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