Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok...don't get me wrong. Insanitarium isn't a great film. It's close to good, however. I mean, good in that B grade goodness that's awesome to eat popcorn to.

The long and the short - A man's sister slips into madness and is placed in an insane asylum. The man - the somewhat wooden Jesse Metcalfe - doesn't think she should be there and gets himself placed so he can bust her out.

A sound plan. :::sigh:::

Annnnnd...comedy ensues.

Madness abounds. Male and female crazies cavort. People do crazy things. You know the drill. But then things get to be a little fun. It seems the main doctor - the awesome Peter Stormare - seems to be up to some dirty deeds with the patients and those dirty deeds are creating some interesting results.

I'm not sure this is a full "zombie" movie, but it does have zombie-like tendencies a la 28 Days Later. People are doing a little nibbling and a lot of killing.

Olivia "Va Va Voom" Munn turns in the best performance of the whole film. She's really very good and I'd like to see her acting in other movies, not just dressing in skimpy clothing. She has a great sense of humor and, yes, she looks good in a bikini, but she's also able to hold her own on the acting front. I was taken aback.

So...if you're a Munn fan, a non-zombie zombie movie fan or a fan of asylum movies, give this one a shot. It's a fun little bloody romp through madness and goofy fun.


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