Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Exorcism Viral

The Last Exorcism team has managed to come up with another awesome use of the internet. The Chatroulette internet item where video and audio streams from strangers are cycled through so you don't know who....or'll be seeing pop up in the screen ( AKA "penis roulette" unfortunately) is being used for a little viral experimentation that i find to be brilliant.

The article calls out that the Chatroulette folks are trying to clean things up to get more funding. From what I've seen, they have a LONG way to go.

That aside, it was a cleaver use of the platform. Recording the reactions - fantastic.

While the film seems like more of the same - cinéma vérité, jump scare, demon girl stuff yet again - it might be a good movie to get a group together to see. A good no brainer horror flick. This kind of forward thinking for the ads did actually get me excited about the movie a bit more than I was.

I love when people take existing tech and use it in a new and exciting way. The BLAIR WITCH team managed to use the internet to propel the mythos of the witch and push the faux facts helping to convince people that it was real. Now, poor suckers looking for nudity get a demonic visual instead.

Always funny.

More, please.

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